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Hello! I'm Rachel

I help you fill your space with art that brings you joy.

Wax pastel drawing of a young man with orange hair sleeping next to an orange tabby cat

Life moves too quickly. Am I right?


Children grow up so fast. Joyous days like weddings, birthdays, and graduations come and go in the blink of an eye. Furry friends grow old, when it seemed like yesterday they were pups.


The Passing of time never seems to slow down. That's where my skills as an artist come in.

I take the moments you love and turn them into

  • Lively pet portraits that honor your furry friends companionship.

  • Stunning images of family that capture joyous moments.

  • Vibrant depictions of nature that inspire you. 

Whether it be a portrait of your favorite dog, your family all together, or your grandmothers favorite flower, each custom piece is created with the goal of bringing you more happiness.

It's Simple to get custom art!

1. First, we chat over the phone about what you want me to create.

(Don't worry we'll talk budget, size, medium and due date first thing!)

2. Next, you send me pictures or reference photos of the subject matter.

3. Then, I start creating your piece!

(I'll update you with pictures along the way.)

4. Lastly, the piece will be shipped direct to you after you approve the final edits.

(I got your back. Shipping is on me!)

Sound Like A Plan?

Not sure what kind of art you want? No Problem!

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Learn How To:

  • Develop a vision for your space.

  • Choose art that you LOVE!

  • Approach galleries and artists.



and much more!

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