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The small things: A personal reflection on being first and last

Sometimes its super hard to be thankful of Monday, especially when your weekend flies by. However, today I HAVE to take moment and be thankful. I’ve always been someone who emphasizes being thoughtful and kind to others which includes thanking people for their kind actions. Today I'm definitely feeling so grateful for my husband that I'd like to share one of the ways my husband goes the extra mile for me every day. (It's not what you'd expect!). He puts me first, and thinks of me last.

Every day, Michael and I share snacks (yes, even my cheez-its. He’s special like that.) but every time we snack or share a meal, he makes sure I get first dibs. I can’t tell you how much this means to me!!! Coming from a family of six kids the rule was ,literally, first come first serve especially for snacks! Living with four brothers, if I didn’t grab a handful of crackers right when the box was opened, I wouldn’t get ANY.

I can remember instances when my mom would bring home a huge box of Coco Pebbles, which was a treat, and we'd all anticipate having a bowl of chocolatey goodness the next day. When the following day came, I’d prance downstairs to the kitchen and witness the empty cereal box sitting on the counter with remnants of cereal pieces scattered about. "It's a massacre!" My dad would describe, referring to the empty cartons. On those days, my morning went from a positive “good morning coco pebbles!” to an unenthusiastic “Shredded wheat…Bleh!” My brothers, who are basically bottomless pits, would ALWAYS devour the yummiest cereals first...That was frustrating as a kid!

Yes, It's just cereal, but now I DEEPLY appreciate having first dibs.

Michael, out of the goodness of his heart, makes sure I get the first cheez-its out of the box, the first pretzel, and the first treat where ever we are. When we cook dinner, he tells me to pick my portion first. Even when we order pizza, (his favorite meal) he tells me to the pick the piece I want first. Sometimes I do make him pick first knowing he deserves the same treatment, but I wouldn’t change the way he offers me the first choice for the world! It’s his way of putting me before himself. In this way, he's a perfect example of the quote:

"Do Small things with great love" - Mother Teresa

If that's not enough, when we eat down to the final few pieces of food he ALWAYS lets me eat the last cracker, nibble of cheese, or pita chip (even though I KNOW he really wants it). The little tidbits of food are like the ‘just because’ flowers people always talk about getting from their significant other…only tastier! not only does he put me first, he thinks of me last too. I’m so fortunate to have someone who says ‘I love you’ for no particular reason at all, except that it’s true.

Now it’s Monday…again… and much like my reaction to shredded wheat, I only want to say 'BLEH!' However, this Monday is different. As I got ready for the day this morning, I walk over to my desk there sat the last cheez- it, the last few bites of a doughnut (which he thoughtfully sliced off before eating the rest), and a cookie on a little plate just for me. It made my morning! Even though these little bits don’t make up a meal, they are one symbol of how I am both first and last in my husband's life.

The small things really do count and I wouldn’t want it any other way!



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