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Eyelash Wishes:

Childish Things I Still Do As An Adult (Part 1 of 5)

Starting into this series, I have to admit one of my favorite movies of all time is The Princess Diaries. There is such honesty in the characters personalities and the movie's quirky humor is simply perfect to me. Back when the chick-flick first came out, I’ll never forget watching the scene where Michael (Mia’s love interest) encourages her to wish on an eyelash he found on her cheek. It was a simple romantic moment that showed Michael’s genuine support of Mia. The moment sticks in my mind as a perfect example of the ‘eyelash wish’ tradition and made me realize I still wish on eyelashes too.

Seriously though, I'm not even sure why I still do this. But as I think more about the simple yet silly act, I find that I still make wishes because it gives me hope. Yes, an eyelash wish gives me great hope.

I know that sounds a little strange, but if you remember after Mia makes her wish, she seems at peace in the moment.

She knows she's not alone.

In real life our lives are busy and filled with many uncertainties. Things don’t always go as planned and even daily activities can be stressful. Taking a brief moment to wish for something better always brings me out of a stressful day and into a positive, peaceful mindset. We need those moments of peace and assurance!

In a way, wishing on something as small as an eyelash reminds me that even little things can make a big difference. But, only if we take the time to do them. For instance, the silliness of an eyelash removes any harshness from my day and makes the big problems or tasks seem small! Most days, though, I don't even notice a stray eyelash ready to be wished upon because I'm so busy and preoccupied. It's so ironic. I don't have time for it but I feel more capable to face the day when I take time to do something as minuscule as making a wish. A wish is something that doesn’t involve any pressure and you can wish for whatever you want. Even if it’s something stupid that you know most likely won’t happen, you can still wish and hope for the best! For a moment, it removes the seriousness of a situation and places one in a hopeful mood. Doing the little things makes such a big difference in mood and physical energy!

But, what kind of wishes do you make, Rachel? My most common wishes are for other people but I also wish for the betterment of myself too. For example I usually wish

· That my husband’s work day will go well

· That my brother won’t be nervous at his baseball game

· That my grandparents will stay healthy

· That my friends will be happy

· That my day will go smoothly

· THAT WINTER WILL FINALLY END!! (Seriously, Winter, just stop.)

Those simple wishes open me to a new perspective (especially if I’m bitter about the weather!). Instead of creating worries, they make me think of others first and keep me grateful for simple things like food, clean water, and healthy relationships. Instead of focusing on what might go wrong, they help me focus on what might go right! It only takes a little moment to do this and every opportunity I have to wish on an eyelash, I take it. Putting my worries and aspirations into a wish takes away overwhelming feelings and fills me with a hope that empowers me to trust things will work out.

To some, it might be childish. However, those little moments keep me hoping that others will be O.K. and that I’ll be able to handle what the day brings. To this day, I still quote the many comedic moments from The Princess Diaries. But, most certain of all, I still wish on eyelashes and I don’t plan on stopping.



P.S. Do you still make wishes?

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