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Asking About Art: 5 questions people are afraid to ask about buying art.

We all have wonderful memories and each of those moments are near and dear to our hearts. Handing those memories over to an artist’s interpretation can be a little scary right? You want them to do a great job, and ultimately to depict your loved ones, pets, and familiar places with care and precision. That part comes down to trust, but then there also all the questions you have for the artist that you may not think to ask or are afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid! I’ve compiled important answers to those types of questions for you right here. Let’s jump right in!

1. How much do you charge?

This one is always hard to answer but I’m going to start with what I always say “it all depends on the size and medium of the piece.” Obviously, this means large pieces are going to cost more than smaller ones. What’s not obvious is that different mediums (paintings, drawings, etc.) will affect price too. Generally though, I charge 2.5 – 3 dollars per inch. For exact pricing and sizes, Check out my pricing page on

2. What if I can’t afford to pay a lot?

One of the biggest assumptions people make about art is that it's extremely expensive. While this is true in many cases, my response to a limited budget is: No problem! I offer a variety of sizes and mediums to fit your budget!! My price range (and it’s a big range!) is $100 - $8,000 (with 8,000 dollars being a HUGE piece of artwork). When compared to other professional artists, this is VERY affordable and allows even those who have a tight budget to preserve special memories and own their very own masterpiece too!

3. Do you work from photos?

Sometimes people are afraid to ask this because they don't want to insinuate that an artists work is inferior when compared to those who paint from life. I assure you, this is an essential question whether or not a person paints from life or photos. My simple answer: ABSOLUTELY! I prefer to work from photos as I know how hard it is to spend hours in a studio for a portrait. It makes it easy on you and me. While I have worked from different qualities of photos, I do prefer pictures that are clear or have a high resolution. This helps me capture all the nuances and details needed to create a stunning piece!

4. How long does your art take to create?

I can understand why this question might be bit weird for people to ask. Generally, artists aren't associated with strict deadlines, and you don't want to pressure them to work faster, but you'd be surprised at how consistently and quickly they can create a piece. Generally, it takes me about one month to complete a piece of fine art. Although, larger pieces of artwork require greater attention and the exact time line is harder to estimate. One month is a good assumption though!

5. What if I don’t like the way it turns out?

This question is probably the most awkward. You don't want to insult the artist, but something about the finished piece is well, off. Believe me, this is so important and I encourage my clients to point out details that don’t look perfect to them. The way I prevent this from happening is I send progress photos along the way and if there's something that looks imperfect, i can fix it before the painting or drawing is finished. The last thing I want is to create something that doesn’t ‘wow’ you and the last thing you want is buyers regret! Don’t be afraid to speak up and let me know if you’re not satisfied. You can bet I’ll work till your happy with your piece.

I know there are more questions out there too! My piece of advice is, don't to be afraid to ask. You never know what you'll learn...



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